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  • Lizette Escobedo
  • Jan 02, 2014 2:22 PM

Job Opportunity - Colorado State Director

Job Opportunity: Colorado State Director

Job Description

Job Scope: The State Director must be committed to driving forward the organizational mission and strategic direction and will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for MFV/MFVEF staff, programs, expansion, and execution of mission within the state of Colorado. State Director responsibilities include:

Developing deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and organizational and regional workplans;

Managing program coordinators and other program staff in strategic regions of the state, serving as liaison to MFV’s/MFVEF’s partners; taking a leadership role in building and cultivating C3 civic participation tables at the state and municipal level;

Developing and leading MFV/MFVEF Advisory Board, keeping them abreast of programmatic strategies, and seeking input on challenges and identifying opportunities;

Developing and maintaining partnerships with local media, community organizations, business and faith based organizations, and other strategic alliances;

Developing, implementing, and managing the operational aspects of the annual budget;

Develop relationships with public and private funders independently and through state tables and identify additional local funding opportunities.

State Director will report directly to the Regional Field Director.


Leadership & Management:

Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation and metrics, quality control of financial and administrative oversight, successful implementation of fundraising and communications strategies.

Identify key strategic goals and resources needed to accomplish goals.

Instill a culture of financial accountability among direct reports by ensuring tight financial oversight of operational budget.

Develop, maintain, and support a strong Advisory Board; serve as ex-officio of each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction for both ongoing local operations and national vision.

Attract, lead, develop, coach, and retain quality staff; empowering them to elevate their level of responsibility, span of control and performance.

Provide leadership in development of inter-team communication and cohesiveness, sustaining culture and supporting staff during organizational growth.

Ensure effective tracking and reporting mechanisms to track progress and regularly evaluate program components, so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the board, funders, and other constituents.

Planning & New Operations:

Develop plan for program expansion to key urban centers within the state; engage in strategic planning process for program expansion into targeted areas.

Build partnerships in regions of planned expansion; establishing relationships with the funders and political and community leaders at each new site.

Serve as local anchor to national conversations and utilize local best practices and lessons learned to replication in other regions.

Management, Community Relations & Communications:

Prepare and submit annual operational budget, manage effectively within this budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered.

Ensure the continued financial viability of MFV’s/MFVEF’s operational units through sound fiscal management.

Expand local revenue generating and fundraising activities, including seeking opportunities for in-kind support, to help sustain existing program operations and regional expansion.

Work closely with the National Director of Development & Communications to deepen and refine all aspects of communications efforts; from exploration of effective use of new media and digital media to strengthening partnerships with traditional media, particularly Spanish language media to both create a stronger brand and promote MFV’s/MFVEF’s civic participation agenda.

Serve as MFV/MFVEF regional spokesperson both with media and external constituency groups, including community, governmental, and private organizations.


Qualifications: The State director must be committed to MFV’s/MFVEF’s mission and core values. All candidates should have proven leadership, coaching and relationship management experience. Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include:

Bachelors degree in Political Science, Ethnic Studies, Communications, or related area of study preferred but not required;

Must be fluent in both English and Spanish (read, write, speak fluent Spanish);

At least 3 years of management experience, including strategic planning processes, resource allocation, basic HR principles, leadership development, and coordination of people and resources;

Knowledgeable on principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, training, maintenance, and retention;

Knowledgeable of both local and national Latino political landscape, including basic demographic, geographic, and electoral trends;

Track record of effectively leading a performance and outcomes based organization;

Ability to point to specific examples of having developed and operationalized strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth;

Commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation;

Experience in organizational management with the ability to coach staff and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget;

Experience with board recruitment, assessment, and relationship development;

Strong organizing, public relations, and fundraising skills with the ability to engage a wide and diverse range of stakeholders;

Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills;

Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people;

Candidate must possess a positive attitude, be mission-driven, fast learner, works well independently and self-directed;
Experience with curriculum and training design and development.


Salary commensurate with experience. 

Interested candidates must send cover letter, resume and references to  


  • Karina Felix
  • Apr 02, 2013 1:22 PM

What Latino Civic Participation and Immigration Reform Mean for Colorado

What Latino Civic Participation and Immigration Reform Mean for Colorado


By: Celia Reyes-Martínez

Colorado State Director for Mi Familia Vota Education Fund


Latinos clearly made their voices heard at the ballot box on November 6, 2012. A CNN exit poll showed that Latinos represented 14 percent of the electorate in Colorado. By the 2016 Presidential election, Latino voter eligibility is expected to increase by 35.9 percent, according to the Center for American Progress.


Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (MFV EF) is steadfast in our civic engagement plans by doubling our efforts on motivating thousands legal permanent residents to become U.S. citizens so that they can be part of the group that will exercise their right to vote in 2014 – the year we will hold those elected officials accountable for supporting or preventing commonsense immigration reform.


We will be at citizenship ceremonies across the state once those immigrants become citizens to register each and every one to vote. We will also engage hundreds of Hispanic youth that turn 18 every month by reaching them at schools, through youth groups, churches and other areas in their communities so that they too, register to vote and become part of the growing Latino electorate.


America deserves a fair immigration system that benefits our nation and state, reflects our values and makes sense for our economy and our families. After all, immigrants have shaped the American identity and contribute as taxpayers, costumers, entrepreneurs, and job creators.

We are asking Congress to do the right thing and pass a commonsense immigration reform that reflects our commitment to the values that define us as Americans and includes a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring citizens living in the U.S. Let’s face it, voters want real solutions, not just political talk.


Legalizing immigrant workers in Colorado and increasing their spending power would add 20,000 jobs to the state’s economy and grow tax revenues by $297 million, according to an economic study by the Center for American Progress. If all new Americans were expelled from Colorado, the state would lose more than $1.3 billion in state revenues.


Through our outreach, education and resources, MFV EF is helping pave the way to ensure high levels of electoral involvement among the Latino community in 2014, and beyond. Showing our presence at the ballot box and electing pro-Latino officials that will represent our interests will show candidates the political influence we can have when we vote.


Now let’s work together to making possible a commonsense immigration reform in 2013 and continue to create a engaged Latino voting bloc that continues to influence top issues of concern for the Latino community.

You can take action today by calling your member of Congress, Senator Mark Udall or Senator Michael Bennet, at 1-877-848-8289 and ask for support on a commonsense immigration reform that provides a timely roadmap to citizenship. To receive more information, text NOW to 90975.

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