Mi Familia Vota Mobilizes In Houston On August 23 At Binglewood Park

For Immediate Release

August, 21, 2014

Contact: Melissa Miranda, (281) 979-0790

Twitter: #Register4Immigration 

National Latino, Immigrant, Progressive Groups Launch Voter Outreach Campaigns

Mi Familia Vota mobilizes in Houston, Texas on Saturday

at 3 p.m. at Binglewood Park.

 -- The national march to the November, 2014 polls by Latino and immigrant voters begins in Houston, Texas on Saturday with a community canvass. The weekend canvassing in Houston neighborhoods follows the official launch of the multi-state voter mobilization campaign held today in Denver, CO, one of the most competitive electoral states in this November’s election.

In Denver, groups kicked off of the Colorado Immigration Voter Accountability Project, a campaign designed to mobilize tens of thousands of Latino and Asian American voters in that state this year.

Nationally, Latino voter advocacy groups, including Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, (MFVEF) expect to register at least 300,000 Latino voters. They also will help bring to the 2014 November Election a total 7.8 million Latino voters, up from 6.6 million Latino voters in the last mid-term election in 2010, according to projections by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO).

Across the U.S., the message is clear: voters must hold the Republicans accountable for obstructing immigration reform. The GOP-led House is particularly at fault for directly rejecting commonsense immigration reform, and instead adopting the “deportation only” agenda of nativists in the House. By contrast, a bipartisan immigration reform bill passed the Senate by a solid majority in June 2013.

“This weekend’s voter canvassing in key Latino voter states is the earliest start for any recent election year,” said Leo Murrieta, National Field Director for Mi Familia Vota. “The Latino vote has grown in every mid-term and presidential election year since the turn of the Century, resulting in historic gains. That is why year-round, civic engagement is important to the Latino community, and why 2014 is a building block toward another historic Latino voter turnout in 2016. Our time is now,” Murrieta added.

Besides MFVEF, the Latino civic engagement campaign includes Center for Community Change Action, League of United Latin American Citizens, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, National Council of La Raza Action Fund and Voto Latino. The national campaign will team up with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in coming days and weeks.

Volunteers are invited to join MFVEF this Saturday for the community canvass at 3pm at Binglewood Park, 9034 Pitner Road, Houston TX 77080. Follow the action on Twitter using the hashtag #Register4Immigration and #TimeIsNow. 







In The News : Pro-Immigration Groups Continuing Push for Reform (News 92 FM, Houston)

Pro-immigration groups say they will continue to urge and push the Republican Party to pass immigration reform.

House Speaker John Boehner says one of the reasons they have delayed action on immigration is that they can’t trust President Obama to enforce the law.

Melissa Miranda, a spokesperson for Mi Familia Vota – “My Family Votes” – said that, if that is truly the case, then that’s all the more reason Republicans should get out in front on this issue.

“If they don’t trust President Obama, then that should be even more the reason why should pass some kind of immigration reform,” she said.

Miranda said the Republican Party is hurting itself politically by not dealing with immigration.

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Civic Engagement In Action: Registering Voters at the University of Houston-Downtown

Register to Vote UHD

Earlier this week, our team visited the University of Houston-Downtown where we helped and encouraged more people to register to vote. 

Here are some more photos: 






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Event Alert: DACA Seminar on July 9

Want to Learn More about DACA?

Mark your calendars for our Upcoming DACA Seminar with Lonestar Immigration Services! Wednesday, July 9th at 5 p.m.! 

For questions call (832) 559-0303 or send an email to Erika at lonestarimmigration@gmail.com. 

DACA Seminar-Texas


Mi Familia Vota Ed Fund, Immigration Advocates Host Citizenship Workshop in Houston

For Immediate Release

DATE: April 23, 2014

Contact: Mario Salinas, marios@mifamiliavota.org(713) 828-4512



Mi Familia Vota Education Fund promotes citizenship to grow Latino civic participation in TX

WHAT:        Mi Familia Vota Ed Fund partners with the Office of International Communities with the City of Houston; Neighborhood Centers Inc.; NALEO Ed Fund; American Immigration Lawyers Association; and, Own the Dream, to hosts citizenship workshop in Houston to encourage eligible lawful permanent residents to apply for U.S. citizenship and earn the right to vote this November. There are an estimated 930,000 legal permanent residents in Texas eligible to naturalize.

This is part of MFVEF’s long-term civic engagement campaign that includes building the Latino electorate. The workshops will offer eligible immigrants assistance with the naturalization process, such as application review, consultation with qualified immigration legal experts, and study materials for the naturalization exam.

“More than ever, the Latino community is recognizing the importance of participating in the civic affairs of their communities and of holding politicians accountable to their promises to represent everyone in their districts. The greatest way to do that is by becoming a citizen and earning the right to vote. The vote is the great equalizer in our democracy,” said Mario Salinas, Mi Familia Vota Texas Deputy Director.

WHEN:       April 26, 2014 -- 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

WHERE:    Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center

                   6402 Market Street, Houston, TX

WHO:         Mi Familia Vota Ed Fund, Office of International Communities with the City of

                  Houston, Neighborhood Centers Inc., NALEO Ed Fund, AILA, Own The Dream

On Twitter: @MFVTX #HazteCiudadano


What Latino Civic Participation and Immigration Reform Mean for Texas

What Latino Civic Participation and Immigration Reform Mean for Texas


By: Carlos Duarte

Texas State Director for Mi Familia Vota Education Fund

 Latinos clearly made their voices heard at the ballot box on November 6, 2012. In Texas, Latinos came out in huge numbers to exercise their most basic rights. By the 2016 Presidential election, Latino voter eligibility is expected to increase by 58.1 percent, according to the Center for American Progress.


Mi Familia Vota Education Fund (MFV EF) is steadfast in our civic engagement plans by doubling our efforts on motivating thousands legal permanent residents to become U.S. citizens so that they can be part of the group that will exercise their right to vote in 2014 – the year we will hold those elected officials accountable for supporting or preventing commonsense immigration reform.


We will be at citizenship ceremonies across the state once those immigrants become citizens to register each and every one to vote. We will also engage hundreds of Hispanic youth that turn 18 every month by reaching them at schools, through youth groups, churches and other areas in their communities so that they too, register to vote and become part of the growing Latino electorate.


America deserves a fair immigration system that benefits our nation and state, reflects our values and makes sense for our economy and our families. After all, immigrants have shaped the American identity and contribute as taxpayers, costumers, entrepreneurs, and job creators.


We are asking Congress to do the right thing and pass a commonsense immigration reform that reflects our commitment to the values that define us as Americans and includes a roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring citizens living in the U.S. Let’s face it, voters want real solutions, not just political talk.


Legalizing immigrant workers in Texas and increasing their spending power will add 193,000 jobs to the state’s economy and grow tax revenues by $4.1 billion, according to an economic study by the Center for American Progress. If all new Americans were expelled from Texas, the state would lose more than $14.5 billion in state revenues.


Through our outreach, education and resources, MFV EF is helping pave the way to ensure high levels of electoral involvement among the Latino community in 2014, and beyond. Showing our presence at the ballot box and electing pro-Latino officials that will represent our interests will show candidates the political influence we can have when we vote.


Now let’s work together to making possible a commonsense immigration reform in 2013 and continue to create a engaged Latino voting bloc that continues to influence top issues of concern for the Latino community.


You can take action today by calling your member of Congress, Senator John Cornyn or Senator Ted Cruz, at 1-877-848-8289 and ask for support on a commonsense immigration reform that provides a timely roadmap to citizenship. To receive more information, text NOW to 90975.